'River Voices: Extraordinary Stories from the Wye'

The latest title from Herefordshire Lore, a celebration of the stories gathered from along the banks of the River Wye

'River Voices: Extraordinary Stories from the Wye', is a celebration of the people who have lived, worked and played in this lovely river flowing through the county. It's a glorious invocation of their lives and it is Herefordshire Lore's aim to give 'ordinary people with an extraordinary story' their rightful place in history. So often these are left out of historical accounts, and we want to correct that. Just as we read first-hand accounts from last century with something approaching awe, so we hope future generations will appreciate the lives and memories of our interviewees. 

We have interviews with swimmers, canoe pioneers, poachers, anglers, boat builders, rowers, ghillies, bailiffs - even a couple of snorklers - and many, many more. We remain grateful to all of them for sharing their memories with us. 

This is the latest book in a long series from Herefordshire Lore. Past publications include, 'A Slap of the Hand,' 'Milk', and 'In The Munitions', to name just three. Herefordshire Lore has become the pre-eminent recorder of peoples' stories in the county, and its archive of first-hand accounts, dating from the First World War, are staggering and of great importance historically. Like many volunteer-led groups, it survives on a shoestring, but continues its work because there is so much still to do! Its quarterly publication, 'In Our Age', is circulated widely and is much-anticipated. If you want to tell your story then get in touch with the editorial team at: info@herefordshirelore.org.uk.

Our publisher for River Voices: Extraordinary Stories from the Wye, Logaston Press, have supported the book all the way and we thank Richard and Su Wheeler, and outgoing MD Andy Johnson, for producing the book so beautifully, giving the stories the justice they deserve. We hope you enjoy it as much as we did!

The book cover price is £10 (there will be an extra charge of £2.50 for postage). To purchase your copy, contact Herefordshire Lore either by email -  info@herefordshirelore.org.uk - or by post - Herefordshire Lore, c/o Castle Green Pavilion, Castle Green, Hereford HR1 2NW.