Herefordshire Lore

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Herefordshire Lore - recording Herefordshire

Herefordshire Lore has been collecting, publishing and archiving people’s recollections since 1989. Its archive is a valuable contribution to local history. It works to remember, celebrate and record Herefordshire’s past history before it is lost with passing generations. It is run by a group of volunteers who design, plan and gain funding for projects.A diverse range of resources have been published including their quarterly magazine, ‘In Our Age’, which can be read via its website To get a the latest print version please subscribe.

On the website you can read all sorts of facinating snippits of history and heritage including: Alf Evans’s recollection from 1942, ‘Tragedy Strikes R.O.F.’ from 1942 published in Volume 1 Issue 6 in May 1994; Why in 1957, when the Queen visited Herefordshire, a pig took centre stage in ‘Pig meets Queen’ by Betty Moore published in Volume 4 Issue 4 in July 1996; Gladys Sweeney recalls memories of cleaning railway carriages in Barton Yard (now Sainsbury’s) during the war published in Volume 10 Issue 6 in December 2002.

Herefordshire Lore has published books (Women at War – In The Munitions, 2003; A Slap of the Hand – The History of Hereford Market 2007), booklets (Amazing How Times Change, 1992; The Shopkeeper’s Tale, 1996; The Schoolchildren’s Tale, 1997; Milk, Herefordshire; 2012), and magazines from Age To Age to a decade of In Our Age.

Herefordshire Lore interviewers have talked to people from all walks of life from munitioneers, housewives, farmers, railwaymen, domestics and butchers to shop keepers, cattle dealers, publicans and priests. Herefordshire Lore owes its existence to their memories.

Our thanks go to our many contributors and funders especially the Heritage Lottery Fund.