School Pack

'River Voices: Extraordinary Stories from the Wye' and its project host, Herefordshire Lore, invites schools to be part of the recording of their county through our School Pack. Authored by Leominster Museum's curator Deborah Jarman, the School Pack demonstrates how local history can provide rich opportunities to engage children in their immediate local area, understand their own history and how history can contribute to a greater overall understanding of the 'bigger picture'.

Bringing the local back into teaching history

The Wye and its people can teach us about the evolution of transport, weather, and changing attitudes to leisure, childhood, what we eat, crafts, and land ownership.These lessons are intensely relevant to today’s world. We can look at this through:

  • Fun on the River
  • Boats
  • Fishing
  • Bridges
  • Ferries
  • Weather

This school pack features the best images and main themes from the book, River Voices: Extraordinary Stories from the Wye, and presents them in a form which will be useful to schools.

Each topic presents eye catching images and selected memories of the River. Things to Think and Talk About encourages class and small group discussions about how to interpret historical evidence, and make useful deductions about what you have seen and read.

Further Research encourages the use of dictionaries, other reference books and the internet to learn new words and more about life on the river.

Imagine aims to stimulate creative writing, model building, and scientific experiment based on life on the Wye.

The activities are aimed particularly at the requirements of the National Curriculum at Key stage 2, but can easily be adapted for Key Stage 3 children as well.

If your school would like Herefordshire Lore to come in to talk about its River Wye project or any other of its local history work, please get in touch:

Herefordshire Lore would like to thank Deborah Jarman, author of the School Pack.