'River Voices: Extraordinary Stories from the Wye', is a HLF-funded oral history project from Herefordshire Lore. It is the culmination of a year-long oral history project by Herefordshire Lore and its team of interviewers, who, in the summer of 2017, travelled up and down the length of the Wye recording the stories of people who have lived, worked, and played in, on and beside the beautiful River Wye. It was well worth the effort for they have gathered a stunning collection of memories, photographs and artefacts, from ferrywomen, boatmen, boat-builders, swimmers, rowers, anglers, bailiffs, poachers, and many more, that will feature in the book.

The project has been given added potency with the beautiful work of photographer Panasonic Ambassador Emma Drabble, who was commissioned to take portraits of the interviewees.

Project manager and the book's author Marsha O’Mahony said: ‘There is an urgency to ensure voices of ‘ordinary’ people on the River Wye have their place in history, and we think this project goes some way to achieve this. But there is far more to be done. We have only just touched the tip of the iceberg.’